AR And VR in Professional Sports

“The Two” are already here and are making a good impact over the entire industry. It’s naturally coming into the daily lives of every person associated with sports including the audience, players, and investors.


Researchers are working to increase its potential and usability in and off the ground. It can:


>Aid the experiences of audiences

>Provide an efficient way to learn skills

>Reduce the injuries on the ground

The list is endless; we only have to push the boundary of thoughts and way of implementing the applications. Let’s see how augmented reality and virtual reality in sports is making changes in its older version.


How Augmented Reality In Sports Could Be Useful?

The very first thing we need to understand is the various aspects where AR can make an impact and that can be:

1.Audience experience
2.Players experience
3.Coaching and training experience
4.Marketing approach
5.Sports broadcasting
6.Sports sponsorships and merchandise


AR & VR for the Audience Experience

How AR is Changing The Audience Experience?

Whether you are sitting at your home with your family or cheering up your favorite sport’s star from the stadium, Augmented Reality is going to add a “wow” to your experience anywhere.


Watching a game from the stadium is an adventurous experience for sure but you were definitely missing the visual content that tells you all about the sports, participating teams, and players that you were only finding on your Television.

The augmented reality is capable of providing that immersive and data enriched visual content even in the stadium as you were able to see on your television.


In CES 2018, Panasonic made a mark in this area by fusing augmented reality with 3D projection mapping that left the audience with an out of the world experience.

Aided by augmented reality technology, Panasonic merges interactive information that helps you to enjoy every second of the match leaving the users with rich experience

For instance, BlendAR app could help audiences to view the players’ stats simultaneously providing a comprehensive view of the field. They just have to download the app and hover over the images of the players. There is an AR app MLB at Bat that was used in September 2017. This app allows users to point the mobile devices towards the field to see the player’s statistics. Additionally, the app provided the speed and trajectory of ever hit. 

AR & VR for Sports Broadcasting

Watching your favorite games from the comfort of your home gives you maximum pleasure. If you are one of those who loves enjoying sports on television and even though you cannot get the same experience that you are getting in the stadium, you can enjoy the seamless commentary, graphical analysis, and discussions.

Also, the live telecast that you are watching on your television is exactly not a live telecast. Actually, live video is augmented by realistic 3D graphics and other interactive visual content. Moreover, you can see a 3D animated replay on the studio floor, 3D footage of the live game, and a lot more. Major sports broadcasters including ESPN, Start sorts, Fox sports, etc., are using this technology in sports broadcasting.

AR & VR for Players Experience, Coaching, And Training Experience

AR In Sports Training

Players need to learn, adapt, and enhance their skills on a regular basis. Also, they need to understand the opponent’s attitude. Well, Videos are helping greatly in this context. Now involvement of Augmented Reality in Sports is making the training session more effective.

Augmented reality projects various training data including information, graphs, video clips and more during the live training session. When you are analyzing your session’s feedback, you can check out only relevant information.

It is helpful in many ways, some of them include:

Utilization of time only for training sessions and practice instead of searching and analyzing a relevant video.
Performance enhancement of athletes with the aid of realistic 3D images.
Removal of chances of getting a player injured by avoiding the traditional approach.
Let Players Learn and Practice without Any Help
There are many AR apps that help you to learn and practice various sports all by yourself. AR can become an indispensable part of any sportsperson that can provide them with real-time data about every move, distance run, the quality of hit they made, jump, push, throw, etc. This can help the person in correcting their actions, improving their techniques and making the correct decision. Smart glasses, 3D projectors and AR apps for mobile devices are ideally suited for the sports industry.

Real Examples of “AR in Sports Training”
SGM sports have developed an AR app that aids in learning the numbering system for a volleyball attack formation.
DribbleUp, a Brooklyn based company, introduced an app-enabled smart soccer ball. This ball has an AR marker on its surface that will connect with Android or iOS-based AR app. It has an adjustable tripod-stand that will hold your smartphone. Adjust your smartphone on this stand and connect with the AR marker on the ball and start practicing. AR and camera together will track your every movement and help you in the assessment of your workout.
American football is implementing AR in games and practices which is benefiting them in various ways. Google glass can provide real-time data about the positions of players, match time, speed of the ball, etc.
PuttView is transforming the golfing world with the latest cutting edge AR glasses that help players to better analyze the course so that they can plan their game in a better way.

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