Data Scientist. As the name suggests, a data scientist is an expert of data, one who works upon data, analyze it to extract out the patterns and information residing in it and solve the corresponding complex problems.

The data scientists have come into the picture in many fields in the last decade when companies realised the potential of big data. One example will clear things up. In 2009, Netflix organised an open competition called Netflix Prize to get the best algorithm to predict user ratings for films, based on previous rating data. The winning team was awarded 1 million dollars. It gives just a glimpse of how varying the problems can be and how useful data is for the companies. No doubt, data science is gaining popularity.

In this article, I have listed some top courses to get the interested people going on their way to becoming good data scientists.


  1. Berkeley university:

   It provides various courses in the field of NLP and applied machine learning. Berkeley provides MIDS program which consists of 27 units and can be completed on one of three paths: full time, accelerated, or part-time path.

  • Fee: $60,000
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Suitable for: Professionals
  • Platform: Online


  1. Data Science certification by Harvard Extension School:

It requires 4 courses to earn a certificate by Harvard School. You simply register for graduate courses during their fall, spring, or summer registration periods.

  • Duration: On average, it takes 1.5 number of years to complete the certificate. But it must be completed within 3 years.
  • Fee: $2,700 per course
  • Suitable for: All category


  1. Stanford University data mining:

Stanford University provides a graduate certificate in data mining. There are two kinds of certificates you can opt from to meet your requirements. It provides graduate certificate upon completion and is suitable for professionals. More on the link.


  1. SAS: SAS academy provides three options: first focuses on Data Analytics, second on Big data and third is a mixture of both fields.
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Fee: Individual certification courses start at $2,250, while in-person classroom courses start at $9,000. Completing both courses at once cost $4,400 and $16,000, respectively
  • Platform: Online
  • Suitable for: People familiar with R programming


  1. Microsoft ML course:

Microsoft is leading the industry in term of AI. Some of their experts also teach through edx online course platform. You can also audit these courses but you will have to pay for certificates.

  • Duration: 6 weeks per course as suggested by the site
  • Price: $99 per course
  • Platform: online
  • Suitable for: All category




6.Cloudera Certified Associate – Data Analyst Exam:

The company currently offers four professional certifications at two levels. Three belongs to the CCA category and one belong to CCP category. Certificate in CCA category are:

CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer

CCA Data Analyst

CCA Administrator

  • Duration: 120 min Exam
  • Fee: $295
  • Platform: Online
  • Suitable for: Professional
  • Validity: 2 Years


  1. Cloudera Certified Professional:

The CCP Data Engineer exam is a practical exam consisting of a set of five to eight problems. The exam is designed to test skills required for successful data engineers, including workflow-oriented tasks and data analysis.

  • Duration: 240 min Exam
  • Fee: $400
  • Suitable for: Professional
  • Validity: 3 Years


  1. PG Diploma by IIIT-Bangalore:

The course is the result of a combined effort by UpGrad and IIIT-B. The course claims to provide 400 hours of lectures squeezed into 30 mins learning sessions.

  • Duration: 11 Months (including 2-month Capstone project)
  • Fee: ₹ 2,35,000
  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees with a minimum of 50% marks in graduation


  1. UCI Continuing Education:

This program is intended for professionals in a variety of industries and job functions who are looking to help their organization understand and leverage the massive amounts of diverse data they collect. Others who would benefit from this program include: data engineers, data analysts, computer scientists, business analysts, database administrators, researchers, and statisticians.

  • Duration: 9-15 months
  • Average Fee: $4,795
  • Intended for: Professionals
  • Platform: Online


  1. Data Analyst Nano degree:

It is a course offered by Udacity and is divided into two terms.

  • Term 1: Learn to use Python, SQL, and basic statistics essential for data analysis.
  • Term 2: Use Python, SQL, R and Tableau to uncover insights and create data-driven solutions.
  • Duration: 6 months (3 months each)
  • Fee: ₹18,500 for Term 1, ₹25,300 for Term 2.



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