It has always been  exciting to mine data to get insights for various clients across domains but it would be super exciting to mine data for people at large.

Can we go through public data to tell stories that make sense to all of us ? In this initiative, I have tried to see overall performance of nations.

Population(Total), Population Growth Rate(annual), GDP growth rate, Internet users (per 100), Primary completion rate, i.e. total (% of relevant age group), School enrollment, secondary (% gross) , Industry, value added (% of GDP) and Mortality rate, under-5 (per 1,000 live births)   can be considered key performance indicators of nations.

Please have a look at it and click here and there to get the max out of it.

Thanks to R and D3( and NVD3)for enabling Interactive Visualzation

Performance Dashboard 


Additional :-


   Population Growth Rate(annual) 

    Internet users(per 100 people)

     School enrollment, secondary  

Please comment if you find anything( GDP growth rate of nations, for example) interesting.


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