Governments have been working for creating a safe and prosperous society. In order to make the nations better, Government may need to increase visibility of all important social and economic indicators. Not only does it help in improving the indicators, it but also does it help in increasing overall happiness of the nation. In this direction, Data Science sounds to be the most promising tool to improve the governance.  Let us focus on social indicators, reflected by crime data.

Rape : Region wise and Time wise Analysis of Rape incidents in India

Rape in India


Immoral  Human Trafficking :






Cruelty by Husband :



Government of India must give a  look at it.  Government has huge data so it should promote its  visibility so as to make the right strategy to deal with it..

— Jai Hind


A curious person who loves to solve problems mainly based on mathematical and computational models. In short, A senior Data Scientist passionate about machine learning algorithms


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