Over the next 10 years, Data Science is predicted to become what Forbes described as the “sexiest job of the 21stcentury” with the demand for Data Scientists outstripping the supply. According to some researchers the average wage of a data scientist on a global basis will be in the region of $90,000 USD with those fortunate enough to lead teams of Data Scientists potentially earning in excess of $250,000 USD per year.

The reality is that the job of a Data Scientist is a fairly new job scope with many people being more than a little confused about just what being a data scientist involves.  Amongst other requirements and qualities, data science entails a combination of skill sets such as good mathematical prowess, knowledge on machine learning algorithms, Hadoop technologies and applied statistics to name a few.

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A curious person who loves to solve problems mainly based on mathematical and computational models. In short, A senior Data Scientist passionate about machine learning algorithms


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